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Sometimes our work hours can mean that our pets are left alone for long hours during the day, which can be quite stressful for some pets. Or, sometimes when we go away on trips our pets would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home rather than go to a cattery or a strangers house. Our pet visits service offers an alternative to this, where we will come and give your pet some attention part way through your working day, or check up on them when you are away on a trip. This is especially important for young puppies as they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long, and for cats who would prefer to stay at home whilst you are on holiday rather then going somewhere strange and stressful for them. Our visits will be specific to your requirements and your pets needs.

Our pet visits are tailored to your pet's indivdual needs

Pet visits include

  • Cat sitting -when you are away from them and they need feeding, litterboxes cleaned out and a bit of a fuss, we are happy to fit our visits to your cats needs
  • Small furry visits -when you are away from them and they need feeding, cages cleaned and any other needs met.
  • Puppy visits -when you are out all day we can come and visit your puppy, let them out in the back garden, feed them their lunch and just give them a good fussing.
  • Puppy walks -for puppies not quite old enough for group walks. These 30 minute walks will tire your puppy out when you are out all day, we will also work on a re-call for when they are old enough to join group walks.
  • Other - we will also bring in your mail, dustbins, water any plants and check up on your house when you are away for longer periods.
We have puppy visits and walks available!

How it works

After your initial enquiry, we will arrange a free appointment to meet you and your pet (appointments are usually on weekday evenings for approximately 15-20mins between 5 to 7 pm, but we can arrange a time that suits you). During this meeting you will get to meet us and you can inform us of any specific requirements, so we can tailor our visits to your pet's needs (such as making sure your dog or puppy goes to the toilet, cleaning out litter trays, feeding pets, taking puppies for small walks ect). We will also discuss how the payment will be arranged, and so we can collect a spare set of keys.


We cater for all kinds of animals

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