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It is imporant that our dogs go out for a long walk at least once a day, as a lot of common behavioural problems are caused by lack of stimulation and excercise. It is also important to provide your dogs with something to do whilst you are out all day. However, we understand it can sometimes be difficult to fit in the dog's daily walk in our day to day busy lifestyles, and it isn't always pracitcal to come home for them during the working day, so we are here to offer an alternative!

There's nothing like a good romp about in the field!

What we offer

We offer group dog walking for 45mins-1hour, solo dog walking for dogs who aren't as comfortable with other dogs for 45mins-1hour and puppy walking for 30mins on the weekdays and also on the weekends.
This excludes travelling time to ensure that your dog gets lots of time to run around and have fun! 


Our main focus is group dog walking as we feel it is important that dogs get to socialise and have fun with other dogs. 

Group sizes vary between around 2-6 dogs, with the larger groups handled by both of us, so that all of the dogs cen be provided with adequate attention throughout the walk.


The walks will normally take place in near by fields, such as Newbury Park, Prospect park, Mckilroy woods, Sulham woods and various areas by the River Thames and kennet; and, we will always make sure your dog is nicely cleaned off after we drop them back home and that they have plenty of water available.

There's always something to be explored on our fun walks!

How it works

After your initial enquiry, we will arrange a free appointment to meet you and your dog (appointments are usually on weekday evenings for approximately 15-20mins between the times 5-7pm, but we can arrange a time that suits you). During this meeting you will get to meet us and we will explain what your dog will expect from a walk, how the payment can be arranged, and, so we are able to collect a spare set of keys.

The first few walks will be on lead, so we can get to know your dog and assess their suitability for off lead walking (if you have requested off lead walks). If you are not sure about how your dog will be when walking in a group, we can arrange for an off peak time walk with our dogs Zuko, Jamie and Eska and we can then assess your dog's suitability for group walking. If you opt to just go straight into group walking, we will be working under the assumption that your dog is generally friendly with other dogs.


















Our dogs Eska, Zuko, Hex and Jamie who sometimes accompany us on groups!

Contact us and where to find us:


07889 979376



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